For Narrow Spaces

Every space deserves beauty, no matter how small it is. My eye often lands on the most unassuming spots in a home, and I start dreaming of creating pieces to bring the small nooks and crannies to life. These pieces show that you can create drama, tell a story, and give the illusion of something grand in the narrowest of spaces.

Free Flow

I love the concept of ‘flow.’ It’s the steady movement of something. Water can flow in a river. Electricity can flow through a wire. Great conversation can flow as you sit and chat with friends. You can get ‘into the flow’ or ‘go with the flow’ — when things align to put you on a path of purpose and productivity. It feels almost effortless, easy, meant to be. With its long flowing curves, this series invites you to meditate on what the concept of ‘free flow’ means to you.

Island Inspirations

Islands conjure up dreams of paradise. They’re a beautiful escape from everyday life, where you can find that perfect sandy beach to relax under rustling palms and gaze at a crystalline blue sea. Even with this stunning beauty, I believe that it’s not what you look at, but how you see it and how it makes you feel. In this series, I treat the glass as an abstract painting, which gives you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. This collection tells a story. For me, it reveals a travel adventure, a simple nighttime walk, a good night out with great friends. What story do you see?

Linear Layers

I believe that simple pleasures in our physical world are strategically placed by God for our amazement. Often times, these mysterious gifts hypnotize my mind. When ocean waves crash onto the shore and then retreat, they leave remnants that I call “fringes of foam”. In this series, these pieces capture the visual energy of the linear layers of ocean and foam creating their own abstract art on the canvas of champagne-colored shores.

Ocean Collage

My travel adventures hold such heartfelt stories: walking the lava rock shoreline on Wakaya, Fiji; diving in Tikehau and Taha, Tahiti; sunsets and pounding waves in Cabo. This beach-themed collection depicts imagery from my and my friends’ travels.


It was another beautiful early evening. A storm was brewing in the distance as my dogs and I walked under an eerie, cloud-filled sky. Suddenly three brilliant rainbows appeared, all seemingly calling my name. Every time I turned to gaze at them, they smiled back.

Sparkling Gardens

No words can describe the emotion rupturing from my heart while gazing at the gorgeous paradise of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia. The most gentle movement of aquas, cobalts, and greens fuse to create a calm energy, inviting you to float among them. When you do, they wrap their arms around you as if to say, “Maeva.” Welcome. This series invites us into a world of peace…for the moment, at least.